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Lip Enhancement

I had my lips enhanced by Lanarkshire Aesthetics which looks really natural. I was a bit concerned they would look overdone, however with a consultation with Hayley I told her exactly how I wanted my lips to look. I now have a fuller top lip which complements my bottom lip.



Wrinkle-relaxing injections Airdrie

I never thought I would have wrinkle relaxing injections injections, but now after seeing the results, I don`t think I could live without them! Thanks Lorraine.



Wrinkle-relaxing injections Bothwell

The service I have received at Lanarkshire Aesthetics was very comforting as I had a fear of needles. Lorraine the nurse who carries out my treatments is always very warm and friendly and makes me feel at ease. I go regularly for aesthetic treatments and feel I am turning back the clock! My skin has never looked better. I have received a range of treatments including wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, skin peels and skin hydrating procedures.



wrinkle-relaxing injections Coatbridge

Wrinkle relaxing injections has managed to eliminate a horrible frown line which always made me look angry when I wasn’t. Thank you Lorraine x



Wrinkle-relaxing injections Helensburgh

I was surprised at how painless the procedure was. Relatively quick and easy as well.



Wrinkle-relaxing injections Inverness

Thank you so much for my new look…….less tired around my eyes which aged me most. I feel fantastic. I never thought I would have any of these treatments but I am glad I did. Thank you so much Lorraine for my new fresh looking face !!



Wrinkle-relaxing injections Glasgow

Combination therapy between dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections has done wonders for my self esteem. I felt I was aging faster than I wanted to. Now I have stopped smoking I save my `ash cash` for my wrinkle relaxing injections and filler treatments. I am grateful for the personal touch I receive and Lorraine is always at the end of the phone if I have any worries or concerns regarding my treatment.



Wrinkle-relaxing injections Airdrie

Can’t believe the results, subtle but fantastic. I will be getting this done again! Thank you very much.




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